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The consumerization of Healthcare

Leandro Agro was born in Agrigento and made the Domus Academy, School of Design in Milan. With over fifteen years of experience in Interaction Design, Leandro Agro is a serial innovator and works in the Internet field since '95. Today is Principal Experience Architect at Razorfish Healthware and is applying its expertise to the world healthcare during what he calls "the perfect storm", that is: the end of the life cycle of some basic pharmaceutical patents, explosion in the number of Internet users, arrival of sentient objects and connected. Her mantra is: "Design is not anymore just about shape or pixels. Design is the process Behaviours That product shape, communities, companies and-at the end-build new worlds."

Duration: 20:56
Licence: All rights reserved
Original Language: Italian
Published: 6/13/2013
Format: Conference

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The consumerization of Healthcare

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