REWIRE: Enabling home rehabilitation for stroke patients

The REWIRE project develops an innovative rehabilitation platform for stroke patients based on virtual reality. Thanks to a patented game engined called IGER system, patients discharged from the hospital can continue doing their intensive rehabilitation at home, under remote monitoring by clinical staff. Patient's daily activity is monitored by a network of attached body sensors and their activity is profiled through behaviours. Environmental, physiological and motion data provided by sensors is used to better tune the rehabilitation sessions. REWIRE endeavours to create a Personalised Health System that will help to reduce the hospitalisation rate, optimize the rehabilitation management and improve the interaction between doctors and patients. Thanks to REWIRE, health service providers will be able to assess more people, without increasing costs. Visit the project's website:

Duration: 05:23
Original Language: English
Published: 5/21/2014
Diseases and Conditions: Heatstroke / Stroke

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REWIRE: Enabling home rehabilitation for stroke patients

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