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The musculoskeletal system is responsible for movement of the body. It is made up of bones, muscles, joints, and the structures that hold them together called ligaments and tendons. When pain persists in these structures and tissues, a condition known as fibromyalgia may develop. Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disorder that can present in many ways. The symptoms can be a dull aching or shooting pain and can be either mild or severe. Painful areas are known as tender points and may include the neck, shoulders, back, hips and knees. Symptoms may vary depending on factors such as stress and physical activity. Fibromyalgia may contribute to sleep disturbances, fatigue and psychological distress. Prior to beginning any therapy, it is important to consult your doctor to determine the treatment option that is best for you.

Duration: 01:16
Licence: All rights reserved
Original Language: English
Published: 11/17/2015
Format: 3D Animation

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