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Evaheart LVAD Device

Cylinder-shaped inflow cannulas have been widely used for clinical ventricular assist devices. However, post LVAD stroke still exists and contributes as a main cause of death. This adverse event is attributable to surgical malposition or migration of the inflow cannula. Malposition occurs under circumstances where the inflow cannula is not installed properly, or it can occur from the process of cardiac remodeling after LVAD support. In some instances, instead of lying parallel to the septum, the protruding inflow cannula can be angled towards the septum, which may contribute to obstruction and suction against the ventricle wall, followed by wedge thrombus or pump thrombosis due to poor pump flow. Pannus formation along with fibrin and platelet deposition triggers at the site may result in ischemic stroke. After the device is implanted, it is difficult to correct the pump and cannula tip position. EVAHEART® 2 specifically addresses these concerns with an innovative Double Cuff Tip-less inflow cannula. To implant the cannula, the apex of the left ventricle is cored. Sutures are placed into the epicardium and myocardium several millimeters away from the cut edge. The needle emerges through the endocardium. Twelve sets of sutures and pledgets are used around the circumference of the site. Then the sutures are placed through the proximal cuff and distal cuff of the inflow cannula, respectively. The cannula is lowered into the opening via parachute technique and secured in place with a running suture around the distal cuff. The absence of a tip on the inflow cannula promotes a better flow pattern in the left ventricle to reduce stagnation. There is no wedge area in which thrombi could form. This design also minimizes the risk of ventricular wall suction, and is more forgiving of surgical malposition. By addressing these established risks, EVAHEART® 2 has the potential to significantly improve patient outcomes by reducing ischemic stroke and other adverse events.

Duration: 02:32
Licence: CC - Attribution
Original Language: English
Published: 8/9/2019
Diseases and Conditions: Heart Failure
Format: 3D Animation

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Evaheart LVAD Device

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