A digital health service to master blood pressure

About this channel

AMICOMED is the first digital program in the world that successfully helps people with high blood pressure to achieve the lifestyle changes that doctors recommend.
It’s a fully automated and digital service, yet deeply personalized, that delivers delightful motivational support to help anyone to master their blood pressure.

People who followed the program already had an average BP reduction up to 20mmHg in only 3 months.

Amicomed service is divided into:

  • Track: blood pressure tracking and instant personalized feedback on blood pressure trend and evolution;
  • Coach: personalized 3-months lifestyle changes program aimed to improve blood pressure;
  • Progress: goal setting, continuous feedback and customized insights on progress.

Amicomed striking results were presented in meetings like last ACC 2016 (American College of Cardiology), ASH 2016 (American Society of Hypertension) and ESH 2015 (European Society of Hypertension).
In addition Amicomed also provide BP assessment and a clear BP evolution comprehension (and alerts if needed), through different assessments and graph.

Amicomed is the next generation service for hypertension management. Almost the totalities of hypertensive people are suitable for lifestyle intervention that could improve their blood pressure and their general health in an effective way. Our solution allows to change lifestyle in a personalized and easy way and thanks to the pioneering algorithms to track and evaluate BP evolution and variability.
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